Leadership Strengths And Values

●       Experience in leading part-time and full-time faculty, creating comprehensive on-boarding orientations, expressing clear guidelines, and            establishing fair performance reviews.


●       Impressive track record for recruiting and retaining faculty with diverse skills and perspectives, cultivating new talented teachers, providing networks of shared knowledge and resources in pedagogy, cultural competency and curriculum development.


●       Commitment to healthy institutional eco-systems and rewarding livelihoods for all levels of staff, faculty, and students with regard to people’s contributions, sharing transformative language skills, visible mentorship, advocating for space and time to create projects, individual development and recognizing accomplishments to build important agency.


●       Excellent at organizing productive teams, a meeting maestro, using time efficiently and creatively, able to facilitate and design workshops with success in reshaping energy boosting programs and people. Influential change conductor, collaborator, conspirator, and jubilant community builder.


●       A key contributor in accreditation processes and applying design strategies to assessment practices. Developing quantitative and qualitative questioning, collecting valuable insights from numerous stakeholders with surveys, focus groups, ethnography and non-traditional exchanges. Able to reveal growth, retention patterns, problem solving, foresight, and in turn using the evidence to further develop outcomes and sustainability within an organization.


●       A natural at event design, social networking and visual language (graphic design, interiors, staging and polish with expertise in color theories). Evangelizing with committed stewardship, spreading the values of an institution with a wide reaching goal of integrity, creating a buzz and an enthusiasm for people to be involved. Gathering disparate constituents to an event (ex: music, performance, food, science, social justice). Connecting communities for educational reasons, for fundraising, and creating meaningfully unforgettable experiences.



Leadership Experience


First Year Program Chair:                                                                                                                             2005-2017

The California College of The Arts (CCA) Oakland, CA                                                

310 first-time freshmen students, 125 transfer students, and 35 faculty.  Includes supervision, scheduling, hiring, orientation, budget requests and management for the program. Furthermore, this program connects to other aspects that first-year students encounter, such as advising, enrollment and student life. Partnering with enrollment services for recruitment, portfolio reviews, scholarships, orientation, and public events.


Past and Present Committees Within the Chair-ship:

Academic Cabinet, Academic Policy Committee, Faculty Advisory Group to Academic Affairs for Union Negotiations, Freshmen Retention Committee, International Students Committee, Orientation Planning Committee, Leadership Assessment Learning Teaching (LALT), Probational Admit Committee, First Year Experience Steering Group,

Curricular Development Joint Committee for First Year Curricular Change, College Wide Curriculum: Think Tank, CIO Tech Committee, Educational Technology Laptop Initiative Group    


Committees Within the College Beyond the Chair-ship:

The President’s Diversity Steering Group, Faculty Search Committee, Writing and Literature tenure track search,

Travel Grant Award Committee, Appointment Promotion and Tenure Committee Faculty Senate, Executive Committee Faculty Senate, Sophomore Summit Organization, Junior Portfolio Review, Center for Art and Public Life, Jury for Community Grants,


Faculty Coordinator Pre-College:                                                                                                                1998-2004

The California College of The Arts, (CCA) Oakland, CA

Coordinated 25 faculty and 200 high school students in a 4-week program during the summer.

Aligned curriculum development with faculty, coordinated supplies, facilities, and equipment.


Professional Development for Leadership and Teaching


Western Association of Schools and Colleges, ARC                                                                                 2015

Attended conference on assessment, Oakland CA


The Council of Independent Colleges, Balancing Multiple Priorities                                                       2015

Attended leadership development workshops for department and division chairs,

San Diego, CA


NCORE (National Conference for Race & Ethnicity)                                                                                    2013

Attended in New Orleans, LA


Graphic Recording, Workshop                                                                                                                     2012

Attended in Benicia, CA                                                                 


Design Strategies and Teaching - Online learning with IDEO                                                                   2012


Western Association of Schools and Colleges                                                                                          2008-2006

WASC Level II, Criteria discussion, CCA, Oakland, CA

WASC Level 1, Attended Conference, San Diego, CA    

WASC Level II, Attended Conference, San Diego, CA     


Fostering Creative Citizenship Across Cultures                                                                                       2006-2009

The California College of The Arts, Oakland and San Francisco, CA           


Ethics and Service                                                                                                                                        2005

Codes of Ethics in Public Service Committees, online





Certificate in Innovation Leadership                                                                                                            2011

Leading By Design Fellowship, The California College of The Arts

Oakland and San Francisco, CA                   


M.F.A. Studio Arts                                                                                                                                          1994

Department of Letters and Sciences, University of California                    

Davis, CA



Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture                                                                                              1993

Skowhegan, ME


Graduate Painting Program                                                                                                                         1992-1991         

University of Arizona                                                                                          

Tucson, AZ


B.F.A. Printmaking with high distinction                                                                                                     1987

The California College of Arts and Crafts

Oakland, CA


Undergraduate Painting Program                                                                                                               1986-85

School of the Museum of Fine Arts                                                                           

Boston, MA


Teaching Experience


Ranked Non-Tenure Associate Professor                                                                                                   1996 -2017

The California College of the Arts, Oakland and San Francisco, CA         

Courses: 2D: Color Translations, Core Studio

Drawing 1: Form and Gesture, Core Studio

Interdisciplinary Critique, Upper Division Fine Arts 

Integrated 2D/3D, Core Program

3D Visual Dynamics, Core Program

Summer Printmaking, Pre-College

The Unconventional Printmaker, Extension Program

The Painter’s Print, Mono print, Extension Program


Visiting Faculty                                                                                                                                              1998-2000

University of San Francisco, CA in affiliation with CCA

Basic Drawing                   


Visiting Artist                                                                                                                                                 2000

San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA                       

A Matter of Course, Interdisciplinary Class, Intermediate Level



Further Work Experience


Illustration and Art Production

Disney, Burbank, CA                                                                                                                                      2012                

Red Widow, TV Series, ABC

Design of selected props. 10 finished works including mixed media and digital.


Artistic Consultant for Character Development                                                                                       2011

Disney, Burbank CA

Pinoza, TV Series ABC (pilot)

Freelance research and concept development of selected props


Academic Advisor, First Year Program                                                                                                        2002-2004

The California College of The Arts, Oakland, CA

First-year student advising for undefined majors, Design and Fine Arts.


Fine Arts Faculty Representative for Enrollment Services                                                                       1998-2003

The California College of The Arts, Oakland, CA

Career Counseling, giving constructive advice upon reviewing student portfolios,

discussing entering art college with prospective students and their parents,

outreach to public and private regional schools. Traveled and attended

National Portfolio Days, teamed with Admissions Committee and scholarship jury.


Executive Assistant to Phil Tippett               

Tippett Studio, Berkeley, CA                                                                                                                          1994-1997

Communications, event coordination and administrative support for a visual effects  

animation company featuring films by creature specialist Phil Tippett.


Curator’s Assistant                                                                                                                                         1998

Institute of Public Exhibitions, San Francisco, CA.

The California College of The Arts (CCA) Oakland, CA 

Substitute assistant to Curator, Lawrence Rinder


Residency Program Director Assistant                                                                                                       1994-1995

Capp Street Project, San Francisco, CA

Internship assisting Director, Mary Ceruti  


Administrative Computer Skills: MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Keynote, Datatel, and Google Drive

Social Media: Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Website templates (Square Space, Word Press)

Visual Arts /Computer Skills: Photoshop, InDesign, iMovie

Teaching/ Learning Online Management: Moodle, Google Classroom, Voice Thread, Vault


 Conference Presentations


 Designing the First Year Experience                                                                                                          2015

Organizer and Panelist FATE Conference, (Foundations in Art Teaching and Education)

Indianapolis, IN


In The Ring... On The Ropes... And The Winner Is?                                                                                  2011

The Revision of a Foundations Curriculum

Panelist, FATE Conference, St. Louis, MI


Is It Right To Refuse Resources, Teaching and Technology                                                                    2011

Panelist, FATE Conference, St. Louis, MI


The Net, The Frog and The Loop, Retention and Outreach                                                                     2009

Panelist, FATE Conference, Portland, OR


Community Service

Art Docent Program, K-12 Curriculum development                                                                                2007-2014

Delivering lectures in visual arts, Edison Elementary School

and Lincoln Middle School, Alameda, CA


Public Arts Commission                                                                                                                                2007

Appointed by the Mayor of Alameda, worked on public art ordinance guidelines.

Community education about public art. City of Alameda, CA


Rhythmix Cultural Center                                                                                                                            2005

A non-profit organization. Consultant for the coordination of the holiday art sale.

Alameda, CA


Curating and Event Design


Co-Curator: Mercury20 @10 Tenth Anniversary Exhibition                                                                    2015

Mercury20 Gallery, Oakland, CA


Event Design: New Moon Premiere Party                                                                                                  2009

Spirose productions, freelance, concept development and implementation,

including graphic design,space layout, and event staging.

Beverly Hills, CA  


Co-Curator: Who’s the Fairest of Them All?                                                                                              2008    

Women artists considering social justice in the everyday, Hang Art Annex, San Francisco, CA


 Membership & Collectives


Mercury20 Gallery                                                                                                                                        2014-2017

An artist run gallery of 20 artists, as well as an exhibiting member,

I contribute to the Steering Committee and help facilitate strategic planning.

Oakland, CA


Art Escapists

An East Bay group of artists that meet to create work                                                                                2016    

in response to open spaces.  It is based on the principles of plein air painting,

but with a wider scope of contemporary art practice.                           

Oakland, CA


FATE (Foundations in Art, Teaching and Education)                                                                               2000-2017




Selected Exhibitions in The Visual Arts


 Solo Shows


Washed Away: The Bachelorette’s Ballad Rather                                                                                   2016    

Mercury20 Gallery, Oakland, CA     


Casserole Night Series                                                                                                                                 2015

Mercury20 Gallery, Oakland, CA                                                                             


Ephemories                                                                                                                                                    2005

KC Rosenberg and Lisa Kokin                                                                      

Los Medanos Community College, Pittsburg, CA


(dam’zel)                                                                                                                                                          1998    

Patricia Sweetow Gallery, San Francisco, CA


Sedimental Sentiments, Introductions                                                                                                        1997    

Sacramento Center for Contemporary Arts, Sacramento, CA


Epic Breath and Other Chicken-Hearted Antics                                                                                        1994

MFA Exhibit, Nelson Gallery, University of California, Davis, CA



Installations and Collaborations


Good Intentions and Other Paths, 5 hour sculptural event                                                                      2016

Collaboration with Modesto Covarrubias, Montalvo Arts Center, Saratoga, CA


No Strings Attached                                                                                                                                     2016

Art Escapists, Art Event                                                                 

Collaboration with Modesto Covarrubias, Alameda Naval Base, Alameda, CA


Expanding Dimensions (1-D, 2-D, 3-D, 4-D and 5-D)                                                                                2015

Collaboration with Modesto Covarrubias CCA, Oliver Center, Oakland, CA


Urban Abstraction, for Threads Of Oakland                                                                                              2015    

Collaboration with Modesto Covarrubias       

Mercury Twenty Gallery, Oakland, CA


Sublime                                                                                                                                                          2004

SCG Projects Gallery, Pomona, CA   



Selected Exhibitions in The Visual Arts

 Through Her Eyes                                                                                                                                        2015

Rhythmix Gallery, Alameda, CA


Connecting Stories, A Small Works Show                                                                                                  2015

Mercury20 Gallery, Oakland CA


Deciphering the Print, Print Works from CCA Faculty & Alumni                                                                2014

Held in conjunction with the 2014 SGC International Conference, Oakland, CA


Who’s The Fairest of Them All? Women artists considering social justice in the everyday                  2008

 HangArt Annex, San Francisco, CA 



Selected Publications on Visual Arts Profession


 Catalog, Deciphering the Print: PrintWorks from CCA Faculty & Alumni                                              2014

Edited by Alisa Golden in conjunction with the 2014, SGC International Conference


Artweek, Habib Kheradyar and K.C.Rosenberg at Patricia Sweetow,                                                  1998

Review with photo, Sept. issue, by Harry Roche


Art Papers, Sedimental Sentiments,                                                                                                           1997

Review with photo, Nov./Dec. issue by Michelle Vitetta


Artweek, Redemption Through Rubbernecking Review,                                                                        1996

with photo March issue, by Clarissa F. Welsh


San Jose Metro, Road Thrills, Review of Redemption through Rubbernecking                                     1996

by Sherman Ann Elliot